Fund Card

Fund Card

IDFC Cash Fund-Reg(G)

As on Feb-23-2020 change fund
2376.91  up0.33 (0.01%)

fund objective

The Scheme seeks to offer an investment avenue for short term savings by looking to generate returns commensurate with a low risk strategy and with high liquidity, from a portfolio that is invested in debt and money market securities with maturity up to 91 days.


Investors understand that their principal will be at low risk

5-Years History
financial year2015-20162016-20172017-20182018-20192019-2020
NAV in Rs (as on 23-Feb-2020)1838.831970.932103.422257.452376.91
Net Assets(Rs Crores) (as on 23-Feb-2020) 6708.86 8869.17 8452.32 7198.65 9799.01
Scheme Returns(%)(Simple Ann.)
B'mark Returns(%)(Simple Ann.)NANANANANA
Category Rank19/5633/5730/5529/4330/44
Quarterly performance - Last 5 years (Simple Ann. Ret. in %)
financial year Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Top 10 holdings
company (%)
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Launch Date


Scheme Benchmark


AUM ( in Cr.)


portfolio price to book value


investing style?

High Short

fund manager?

Anurag Mittal,Harshal Joshi

inception date (regular plan)


expense ratio (regular plan) %


Alpha [%]


Beta [%]


Credit Ratings – Quality
Rating (%)
Cash & Equivalent5.53
Instrument Holdings
Instruments (%)
Commercial Paper35.82
Treasury Bills25.68
Corporate Debt17.51
Certificate of Deposit15.47
Cash & Cash Equivalents and Net Assets5.53

Growth Chart of the Scheme

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  • since Inception
performance comparision with similar schemes
scheme name investment style inception date AUM in Cr. 1W(%) 1M(%) 3M(%) 1Y(%) 3Y(%) 5Y(%) 10Y(%) since inception
IDFC Cash Fund-Reg(G)High-Short 02-Apr-20049,799.
Quant Liquid Plan(G)High-Short 29-Sep-2005168.636.076.125.966.856.937.458.408.14BUYSIP
PGIM India Insta Cash Fund(G)High-Short 04-Sep-20071,087.545.
Nippon India Liquid Fund(G)High-Short 09-Dec-200329,213.734.955.205.136.396.867.267.927.34BUYSIP
Mahindra Liquid Fund-Reg(G)- 04-Jul-20162,953.135.175.325.286.426.86NANA6.89BUYSIP
Aditya Birla SL Liquid Fund-Inst(G)High-Short 13-Apr-200346,062.925.
HSBC Cash Fund(G)High-Short 01-Jun-20046,137.715.
Baroda Liquid Fund(G)High-Short 05-Feb-20098,798.905.
IDBI Liquid Fund(G)High-Short 09-Jul-20102,044.885.125.435.276.356.837.20NA8.01BUYSIP
JM Liquid Fund(G)High-Short 31-Dec-19971,917.
BNP Paribas Liquid Fund(G)High-Short 02-Sep-20041,611.305.175.395.236.386.827.197.967.39BUYSIP
Tata Liquid Fund-Reg(G)High-Short 01-Sep-200421,081.535.
Sundaram Money Fund-Ret(G)High-Short 06-Mar-20005,648.565.305.225.206.306.817.207.457.00BUYSIP
L&T Liquid Fund(G)High-Short 03-Oct-200610,256.335.
Indiabulls Liquid Fund(G)High-Short 25-Oct-2011546.715.
Mirae Asset Cash Management-Reg(G)High-Short 12-Jan-20094,265.425.
Edelweiss Liquid-Ret(G)High-Short 21-Sep-20071,789.274.995.
Invesco India Liquid Fund(G)High-Short 17-Nov-20066,378.915.
DSP Liquidity Fund-Reg(G)High-Short 22-Nov-200514,691.535.
BOI AXA Liquid Fund-Reg(G)High-Short 16-Jul-2008385.244.884.914.916.106.767.187.547.25BUYSIP
Kotak Liquid Fund-Reg(G)High-Short 04-Nov-200329,451.945.
LIC MF Liquid Fund(G)High-Short 13-Mar-20029,845.415.145.305.196.226.747.177.777.31BUYSIP
SBI Liquid Fund(G)High-Short 11-Mar-200753,523.605.
Essel Liquid Fund-Reg(G)High-Short 19-Feb-201051.074.894.884.775.856.707.197.967.96BUYSIP
HDFC Liquid Fund(G)High-Short 17-Oct-200076,287.814.975.
Canara Rob Liquid Fund-Reg(G)High-Short 15-Jul-2008950.
ICICI Pru Liquid Fund-Ret(G)High-Short 19-Jun-199852,741.864.684.804.775.926.376.767.237.14BUYSIP
Axis Liquid-Ret(G)High-Short 01-Mar-201033,799.584.623.384.235.706.246.66NA7.43BUYSIP
IIFL Liquid Fund-Reg(G)High-Short 13-Nov-20131,015.094.804.814.685.666.246.68NA7.02BUYSIP
Franklin India Liquid Fund-Reg(G)High-Short 29-Apr-199814,521.134.784.844.775.886.246.647.367.24BUYSIP
UTI Liquid Cash Plan-Discontinued-Reg(G)High-Short 25-Jun-200335,898.314.514.604.545.716.186.587.256.79BUYSIP
Quantum Liquid Fund-Reg(G)High-Short 07-Apr-2006354.084.764.914.795.776.126.537.417.30BUYSIP
Taurus Liquid-(G)High-Short 31-Aug-200616.794.434.344.204.906.095.006.566.28BUYSIP
Union Liquid Fund(G)High-Short 15-Jun-2011599.475.
Sahara Liquid-Fixed Pricing(G)High-Short 14-Feb-20028.394.053.864.064.785.275.716.986.77BUYSIP
Principal Cash Management Fund(G)High-Short 30-Aug-2004195.855.
YES Liquid Fund-Reg(G)- 17-Jan-2019225.755.
Parag Parikh Liquid Fund-Reg(G)- 11-May-2018396.284.734.834.755.59NANANA5.96BUYSIP
Motilal Oswal Liquid Fund-Reg(G)- 19-Dec-2018415.694.614.614.505.25NANANA5.38BUYSIP
ITI Liquid Fund-Reg(G)- 24-Apr-201999.214.854.814.57NANANANA5.23BUYSIP

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