Fund Card

Fund Card

UTI Gilt Fund-Discontinued-PF(G)

As on Feb-26-2020 change fund
34.20  up0.04 (0.12%)

fund objective

The investment objective of the scheme is to generate credit risk-free return through investment in sovereign securities issued by the Central Government and / or a State Government and / or any security unconditionally guaranteed by the Central Government and / or a State Government for repayment of principal and interest. However there can be no assurance that the investment objective of the Scheme will be achieved. The Scheme does not guarantee / indicate any returns.


Investors understand that their principal will be at moderate risk

5-Years History
financial year2015-20162016-20172017-20182018-20192019-2020
NAV in Rs (as on 26-Feb-2020)23.4727.4828.3430.4034.20
Net Assets(Rs Crores) (as on 26-Feb-2020) 517.32 482.33 563.63 465.06 503.98
Scheme Returns(%)(Simple Ann.)3.6116.753.106.8512.26
B'mark Returns(%)(Simple Ann.)NANANANANA
Category Rank48/571/4422/4111/3510/25
Quarterly performance - Last 5 years (Simple Ann. Ret. in %)
financial year Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Top 10 holdings
company (%)
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Launch Date


Scheme Benchmark


AUM ( in Cr.)


portfolio price to book value


investing style?

High Long

fund manager?

Amandeep Singh Chopra

inception date (regular plan)


expense ratio (regular plan) %


Alpha [%]


Beta [%]


Credit Ratings – Quality
Rating (%)
Cash & Equivalent1.46
Instrument Holdings
Instruments (%)
Government Securities98.54
Cash & Cash Equivalents and Net Assets1.46

Growth Chart of the Scheme

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performance comparision with similar schemes
scheme name investment style inception date AUM in Cr. 1W(%) 1M(%) 3M(%) 1Y(%) 3Y(%) 5Y(%) 10Y(%) since inception
UTI Gilt Fund-Discontinued-PF(G)High-Long 26-Sep-2003503.9811.3827.7810.9114.798.348.579.227.77BUYSIP
Nippon India Gilt Securities Fund(G)High-Long 22-Aug-20081,085.5312.4629.2313.5515.549.309.299.149.39BUYSIP
IDFC G-Sec-Invest-Reg(G)High-Long 05-Dec-2008469.4416.6930.0915.4817.249.118.739.688.64BUYSIP
Aditya Birla SL G-Sec Fund(G)High-Long 11-Oct-1999231.4811.1524.9411.1813.669.068.899.359.04BUYSIP
SBI Magnum Gilt Fund-Reg(G)High-Long 23-Dec-20001,916.1211.5828.1014.5516.228.698.919.588.34BUYSIP
DSP G-Sec Fund-Reg(G)High-Long 30-Sep-1999504.1714.4032.6814.5215.788.638.597.899.81BUYSIP
ICICI Pru Gilt Fund(G)High-Long 19-Aug-19991,249.523.5230.1417.2813.968.578.648.6010.05BUYSIP
Edelweiss Government Securities Fund-Reg(G)High-Long 13-Feb-201468.5614.4323.428.7513.217.947.88NA9.32BUYSIP
LIC MF G-Sec Fund-Reg(G)High-Long 29-Nov-199939.439.1523.5411.1612.807.877.537.417.66BUYSIP
Kotak Gilt Fund-PF&Trust(G)High-Long 11-Nov-2003389.0114.1728.1313.1312.967.857.878.537.59BUYSIP
PGIM India Gilt Fund(G)High-Long 27-Oct-200833.5110.2326.1112.0812.847.828.157.937.41BUYSIP
Axis Gilt Fund-Reg(G)High-Long 23-Jan-201245.629.8626.7512.3714.837.787.77NA7.59BUYSIP
Canara Rob Gilt 1988-Reg(G)High-Long 29-Dec-199965.4111.0124.4010.4212.597.108.178.578.93BUYSIP
Tata Gilt Securities-RPS(28-02-25)(G)High-Short 26-Dec-2003163.769.1028.8910.5413.
Baroda Gilt Fund(G)High-Long 21-Mar-200226.6713.9221.739.3911.707.007.299.766.55BUYSIP
HDFC Gilt Fund(G)High-Long 25-Jul-20011,201.7912.6123.2610.6110.486.847.428.187.84BUYSIP
Invesco India Gilt Fund(G)High-Long 09-Feb-200825.1211.1024.798.9412.336.527.308.176.53BUYSIP
L&T Gilt Fund-Reg(G)High-Long 29-Mar-2000121.7013.3321.8311.0410.886.467.508.828.42BUYSIP
Franklin India G-Sec Fund(G)High-Long 07-Dec-2001223.777.0030.3912.6011.765.946.637.158.64BUYSIP
IDBI Gilt Fund(G)High-Long 21-Dec-201220.9119.7222.818.599.614.835.54NA6.98BUYSIP

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