Fund Card

Fund Card

BOI AXA Conservative Hybrid Fund-Eco(G)

As on Jan-25-2021 change fund
21.85  down-0.02 (-0.08%)

fund objective

The Scheme seeks to generate regular income through investments in fixed income securities and also to generate long term capital appreciation by investing a portion in equity and equity related instruments.


Investors understand that their principal will be at moderate risk

5-Years History
financial year2016-20172017-20182018-20192019-20202020-2021
NAV in Rs (as on 25-Jan-2021)19.4021.3421.4118.9821.85
Net Assets(Rs Crores) (as on 25-Jan-2021) 61.47 203.97 201.09 92.99 73.06
Scheme Returns(%)(Simple Ann.)11.759.69-0.45-11.8416.39
B'mark Returns(%)(Simple Ann.)NANANANANA
Category Rank22/453/4027/3024/2514/24
Quarterly performance - Last 5 years (Simple Ann. Ret. in %)
financial year Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Top 10 holdings
company (%)
Infosys Ltd.1.89 
Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.1.88 
Hindustan Unilever Ltd.1.80 
Bharti Airtel Ltd.1.74 
Dr. Reddys Laboratories Ltd.1.64 
Reliance Industries Ltd.1.22 
Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd.1.19 
Procter & Gamble Health Ltd.1.15 
HDFC Bank Ltd.0.88 
HCL Technologies Ltd.0.69 


Conservative Hybrid Fund

Launch Date


Scheme Benchmark


AUM ( in Cr.)


portfolio price to book value


investing style?

Small Value

fund manager?

Alok Singh

inception date (regular plan)


expense ratio (regular plan) %


Alpha [%]


Beta [%]


Credit Ratings – Quality
Rating (%)
Instrument Holdings
Instruments (%)
Corporate Debt32.18
Cash & Cash Equivalents and Net Assets25.60
Domestic Equities17.29
Commercial Paper9.53
Certificate of Deposit9.28

Growth Chart of the Scheme

to go
  • 1M
  • 3M
  • 6M
  • 1Y
  • 3Y
  • 5Y
  • 10Y
  • since Inception
performance comparision with similar schemes
scheme name investment style inception date AUM in Cr. 1W(%) 1M(%) 3M(%) 1Y(%) 3Y(%) 5Y(%) 10Y(%) since inception
BOI AXA Conservative Hybrid Fund-Eco(G)Small-Value 18-Mar-200973.069.115.4514.6611.190.455.206.816.81BUYSIP
Baroda Conservative Hybrid Fund(G)Small-Value 08-Sep-200430.39-14.415.6215.3112.919.248.968.296.74BUYSIP
Canara Rob Conservative Hybrid Fund-Reg(G)Small-Value 31-Mar-1996370.4614.717.9418.7212.919.088.978.988.50BUYSIP
ICICI Pru Regular Savings Fund(G)Small-Value 30-Mar-20042,733.601.5510.0217.7910.528.4610.2510.1110.10BUYSIP
Kotak Debt Hybrid Fund(G)Small-Value 02-Dec-2003343.74-5.9316.9327.6713.728.3610.019.458.11BUYSIP
SBI Debt Hybrid Fund-Reg(G)Small-Value 23-Mar-20011,012.300.819.9629.1012.897.248.608.968.13BUYSIP
LIC MF Debt Hybrid Fund(G)Small-Value 01-Apr-199881.82-6.386.2513.349.036.557.536.858.41BUYSIP
HSBC Regular Savings Fund(G)Small-Value 24-Feb-200484.483.249.1720.129.906.537.978.428.98BUYSIP
BNP Paribas Conservative Hybrid Fund-Reg(G)Small-Value 23-Sep-2004292.62-6.1412.9618.178.206.538.208.667.54BUYSIP
L&T Conservative Hybrid Fund-Reg(G)Small-Value 03-Jul-200036.571.706.0514.537.646.307.507.396.95BUYSIP
Franklin India Debt Hybrid Fund(G)Small-Value 28-Sep-2000193.35-6.3513.2519.666.376.037.588.729.50BUYSIP
Axis Regular Saver Fund(G)Small-Value 16-Jul-2010219.549.045.0521.7512.526.017.187.997.83BUYSIP
HDFC Hybrid Debt Fund(G)Small-Value 26-Dec-20032,441.98-12.5513.4929.179.515.778.788.7810.21BUYSIP
IDFC Regular Savings Fund-Reg(G)Small-Value 25-Feb-2010173.80-3.106.2813.627.705.717.728.758.57BUYSIP
UTI Regular Savings Fund-Reg(G)Small-Value 16-Dec-20031,664.169.5211.8829.3412.145.277.808.719.32BUYSIP
Essel Regular Savings Fund-Reg(G)Small-Value 29-Jul-201033.45-2.4111.1415.644.735.176.447.467.32BUYSIP
Aditya Birla SL Regular Savings Fund(G)Small-Value 22-May-20041,191.246.3826.7639.2611.735.009.089.789.43BUYSIP
Indiabulls Savings Income Fund-Reg(G)- 02-Dec-201513.56-19.649.2420.926.794.828.44NA8.26BUYSIP
DSP Regular Savings Fund-Reg(G)Small-Value 11-Jun-2004190.958.708.6118.518.133.616.747.858.79BUYSIP
Sundaram Debt Oriented Hybrid Fund(G)Small-Growth 08-Mar-201030.44-8.719.9615.796.682.656.057.286.96BUYSIP
Nippon India Hybrid Bond Fund(G)Small-Value 12-Jan-2004893.1710.9110.5415.72-4.28-0.853.586.538.52BUYSIP

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