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About Us

about us

About Vedant Asset

Vedant Asset is a proccess driven

'investment solutions provider' for private and rural investors

Who we are

Vedant Asset is an investment super market for private and rural investors. For more than a decade we have helped investors take informed decision by following process driven approach and Right Assets Allocation. Today at Vedant Asset we handle more than 100 Crore’s of AUM and over 500 Clients.

What we do

We aim to help you make more money of your investments by giving you the online tools and informations to make your own informed decision. Our aim is to simplify investments and help you in making easy and straight forward tools to manage your investments.

Process driven approach

Process driven approach at Vedant asset we do not expect our investors to chase returns. We feel returns are the byproduct of staying in the right asset class. Hence we provide various tools and informations pertaining to various funds and fund manager so that one can take informed decision in fund selection and execution of the same.

Our future

We want to create a pool of happy content and satisfied investors. We strongly believe that if our investors prosper we will also prosper with them. Our aim is to provide continuous industry leading services and an investment experience to make investment accessible and simple. Our success of our business is closely assigned to your success and happiness.

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Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks. Read all scheme related documents carefully. Past performance is not an indicator of future returns. ARN-104974