Child Investment Plans & Schemes

Child Investment Plans & Schemes

Investing for Children

Children are the most beautiful treasure of lives. Smallest of your happy moments depends on them. As parents it’s important to maintain balance between emotions & practical life. You would always like to see your child happy & secured hence investing at the right time and in right assets to protect there future and secure them financially

Why invest for a child?

  • Provide a welcome financial boost when they need it
  • Help them with the future costs of education, buying a home, getting married or even retiring or selling them in business.
  • To beat inflation through regular investment.
  • Your child is to between 0 to 15 Age.

Hence at Vedant Asset we offer solutions for your loved ones to make them Financially Secured.

Regular SIP

Systematic Investment Plans (SIP) are one of the best ways for parents to build a corpus over time for child's education and marriage. As the cost of education is reaching sky high, it becomes difficult to manage finances when They Grow Old Here are some SIP which you can consider to build a corpus over time.

Gift Them Investmens

You Spend a lot on Making their Days Special on Special Occasion but its always Better To Gift them something which makes their Future bright .At Vedant we believe that Spend on Something that Comes back to your children in their needs . Make them financial strong and secure hence Gift them an Investments

Child Solution Plan

Child Solution Plan are solutions serves two purposes - Financially secure your child's future & finance their needs such as higher education and marriage. So the children solution Plan is designed to protect the future of your child and builds a corpus over a term to be utilized to finance Their prime moments of life.

Even small amounts tucked away regularly can build up a substantial nest egg, although inflation will reduce the spending power of that money over the long term. Assuming a growth rate of 10% a year, the table below shows how much a monthly investment could be worth in future.

Time Period 1000 Per Month 5000 Per Month 10000 Per Month
05 years 78,082 3,90,412 7,80,824
10 Years 2,06,552 10,32,760 20,65,520
15 Years 4,17,924 20,89,621 41,79,243

(Note: Calculated At: 10 %)

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