• Elite Club Member SBI Mutual Fund.

  • Awarded For Net Sales Equity SBI Mutual Fund.

  • Awarded For sharing Valuable insights in Dept of Finance, XISS, Ranchi

  • Awarded for Support in Udaan Champaign by Franklin Templeton Investmnets.

  • Awarded For overall Net Sales (Equity & Debt) SBI Mutual Fund.

  • UTI Long-term advantages fund series.

  • DSP BlackRock for continuing support and partnership.

  • CNBC TV18 & UTI Best Performing Financial Advisor Award Up Country(East) 2016-17.

  • ICICI Prudential – Appreciation for Outstanding Support & Partnership

  • Franklin Templeton Appreciation for Outstanding Support Contribution

  • Stellar Performance Star Club

  • UTI Mutual Fund – Odisha & Jharkhand Region for Outstanding Performance

  • ICICI Prudential Solitaire Chairman Circle

  • Awarded to Mr. Lallit Tripathi as Valuable Stakeholder

  • UTI Mutual Fund for Outstanding Contribution in UTI Long Term Advantage Fund Series III

  • MFRT Experience awards

  • Outstanding contribution in Franklin Templeton.

  • MFRT Imperial Qualifier for Outstanding Performance and Effort.

  • Certificate of excellence by SBI MUTUAL FUND.

  • MFRT Samman outstanding performance & effort in the distribution of mutual funds.

  • Merit imperial Awards MFRT.

  • MFRT contribution as a valuable speaker.

  • CNBC TV18 & UTI Best Performing Financial Advisor Award Up Country(East) 2015-16.

  • SBI Mutual Fund - Highest Overall AUM (East)

  • Super Achiever Club Reliance Mutual Fund .

  • Wealth Forum E-Zine Advisor Awards

  • SBI Mutual Fund – Certification of Excellence Award

  • Runner Up - Outstanding Net Sales – Debt 2014-15 at Annual IFA Convention. Vienna

  • UTI Mutual Fund – Odisha & Jharkhand Region for Outstanding Performance

  • SBI Mutual Fund Confluence Star Award – Highest Overall AUM (EAST)

  • UTI & CNBC TV 18 Best Performing Individual Financial Advisor – UP country(EAST)

  • DSP BlackRock Futurist Awards (Net Fixed Income Sales: East)

  • Runner-up outstanding net sales debt Tata Mutual Fund.

  • Wealth Forum Advisor Awards for business growth champion IFA East non metro.

  • UTI Mutual Fund – Most Preferred Partner

  • L&T Mutual Fund - The Winner’s Circle Celebrating Successful Partnership

  • TATA Mutual Fund Platinum Club Member

  • End winner circle memorial L&T Mutual Fund.

  • Reliance Mutual Fund Super Achievers Club

  • ICICI prudential valuable capabilities

  • ICICI MUTUAL FUND Solitaire Membership.

  • DSP BlackRock net sales champion equity + hybrids IFA (East).

  • Reliance Mutual fund Elite Member - Super Achievers Club (EAST)

  • Appreciation for Excellent Support in Birla SunLife Mutual Fund.

  • Most Preferred partner with UTI Mutual Fund.

  • Birla SunLife – Proud Recognition for Valued Contribution as Gold Member

  • Gold Membership ICICI Prudential

  • ICICI Prudential Solitaire Membership

  • Birla SunLife Partnering Recognition

  • UTI MIS & UTI MIS Advantage Plan – Stellar Performance

  • Member Chairman Club UTI Mutual Fund.

  • Certificate of Achievement In Mutual Fund IFA Convention, 2010.

  • Privilege IFA from UTI Mutual Fund.

  • UTI Recognition for Outstanding Performance.

  • ICRA 5-Star Gold Award by ICICI Mutual Fund.

  • Lipper Fund Awards (India) by ICICI Mutual Fund.

  • Awarded For Outstanding Performance Chairman Club UTI Mutual Fund.

  • Reader Digest Trusted Brand Gold Award By ICICI Mutual Fund.

  • ICICI Prudential AMC Appreciation for Outstanding Performance.

  • UTI Mutual Fund Outstanding Performance.

  • Awarded as Key Partner By Reliance Mutual Fund

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