Our core team brings strong experience across following. The team comprises of professionals with well qualified degrees from reputed places in India. We have 4 key functions – Partnership & Tie Up Group, Partners Engagement Team, Research & Operations, Analytic & IT Group.

Partnership & Tie Up Group

The main philosophy of this Group is “Our Network is our Net worth”. The primary focus of this group is to motivate people and Institutions to work with us. The partnership group works with Individuals, Institutions, companies working with similar belief and ideas to promote Investments by providing them online tools and informations to make their Clients take their own informed decision. The aim is to provide an industry leading financial services and investment Solutions to make investment accessible and simple.

Partners Engagement Team

The group aim is to bring the best in our partners and associates by continuously engaging them at various levels. The primary objective of the group is on boarding of partners by providing them knowledge, certification and various tools and informations required to work and excel in this area. The group ensures that they have sufficient expertise and skills to make a successful career in this field. They also provide online and video learning content to keep them motivated and updated with the market. The Group also works with institution and companies and coordinates with them to work closely and achieve our target of reaching to the last investor. The Group will provide all support related to be in this business of mutual funds so as to bring an unparallel experience of working with us as our valued partners. The ultimate objective is to make investments a great experience for their clients.

Research & Operations

Research and Operations group thrives towards providing distinctive research of various Fund houses and bring the best fund suited for their clients. They also help the partners with all the tools and latest trends in the industry to excel in the business of mutual funds distribution. The operations team helps them in keeping them away from the work of client servicing and hence help them focus only on client acquisition. The Back end of the client needs is taken care by the operations team. The team provides critical enablers for delivery of high quality solutions to the client engagement team. The team also helps develop “standardized products”. The team leverages combination of primary and secondary sources, augmented with proprietary analyses to provide deep knowledge in financial services.

Analytic & IT Group

The analytics group helps the partners with various business development models and solves any data or any business problems. The team brings deep experience in IT enabled solutions to provide Business partners with cutting edge technology required to excel in this profession. Apart from this, the team engages with various IT and software companies to provide the best solutions for business growth of our partners.

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